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Wednesday | 26 February 2020 г.

About the project

Name: Business support - the shortcut of cross-border cooperation

Number of partners: 2

Lead partner: Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vratsa

Partner: Federation of Employers in Oltenia region

Area covered by the project: Districts: Vidin, Vratsa and Montana in Bulgaria and Dolj Region in Romania

Total amount: 274 571.50 euro

Project objectives:

  • To be created and popularized a Network of cross-border business support centres which have to provide cross-border services to the business and stimulate cross-border relations between companies in the target area in order to be achieved widening of their markets;
  • To be improved the image of the whole region (Districts: Vidin, Vratsa and Montana in Bulgaria and Dolj Region in Romania) through stimulation of cross-border business contacts, cooperation and partnerships;

Project activities:

The main activities are: cross-border business support centres in Vratsa and Craiova and establishment of network between them; conducting of 4 target trainings for SMEs and entrepreneurs from the target region; Organization of Days for technology transfer and partnership in Vratsa and Craiova; carrying a survey for identification of the advantages in the target region; 2 workshops an a wide promotional campaign;

Project results: 2 established cross-border business support centres, working in a Network; Improved business environment in the region and improved image of the target region;

Target groups: 100 SMEs and entrepreneurs from the Districts: Vidin, Vratsa and Montana in Bulgaria and Dolj Region in Romania); local authorities; CCI Vratsa, F-PRO;

Duration of the project: 18 months
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Romania- Bulgaria Cross Border Cooperation Programme 2007 - 2013
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