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Wednesday | 26 February 2020 г.


Second Partner Meeting of the 2REVIVE project

The second Partner Meeting of the 2REVIVE project took place on 26 & 27th of July, 2018 in Hilltop Gardens, Triq L-Inkwina, Naxxar, Malta NXR2641. It was hosted by the Maltese partner, AcrossLimits.


Interviews with experts on Digital Transformation/Digitalisation

 Interviews with experts on Digital Transformation/Digitalisation

within the project Digitalisation - Strategy Development Tool for the Digitalisation of SME, Project Agreement No.: 2017-1-DE02-KA202-004223



DEAR Agenda adaptation and commitments, Northwestern Bulgaria

 The Local DEAR Agenda in Northwestern Bulgaria in on adaptation in Northwestern Bulgaria. Within the Rural DEAR Agenda project the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vratsa, as Bulgarian Coordinator, concluded twelve agreements for continuation and further development of the project idea towards Global Citizenship Education /GCE/, from which six local authorities (municipalities), five central elementary schools, three NGOs and the Regional council for development.

This official singing-up of the commitments was held in Vratsa on 08.12.2017. The event is not mandatory planned for the RDA pro...


Launch of Design of Development Education Plan in the rural areas

 On 9 and 10 November, 2016 the Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Vratsa organized 2-nd annual sesions of the Working Groups under the project Rural DEAR Agenda – EYD 2015 („Agenda for Development Education and Awareness Raising in European Rural Areas”, EuropeAid/134863/C/ACT/Multi).

The sessions were attended by representatives of municipal administrations Dimovo, Belogradchik, Chuprene, Kotenovtsi village (Municipality of Berkovitsa), Miziya and Troyan, of civil society organizations - „Sustainable future“ Foundation, Hunters and Fishermen’s Associati...


InnoWork project Final conference

 The InnoWork project Final conference took place on the 14th of October, 2016 in Sofia, Bulgaria. The project “Towards a more innovative working environment” – InnoWork, is implemented under the Erasmus+ programme, Cooperation and innovation for good practices (KA 2).

The organizational innovations and the outcomes of the InnoWork Project were celebrated by the consortium together with more than 120 guests in So...


Work meeting of the project InnoWork in West Bromwich

 The 3rd partners’ work meeting of the project Towards a More Innovative Workplace - InnoWork, project number: 2014-1-BG01-KA202-001634 took place in the period 10-11th September in West Bromwich, United Kingdom. Host of the meeting was the UK partner LearnPlay Foundation.

Participants in the meeting were representatives of all partner organizations involved in the consortium: ECQ (Consultancy company, Bulgaria), CCI-Vratsa (Chamber of commerce and industry-Vratsa, Bulgaria), MERIG (Research institute, Austria), VAMK (University of applied sciences, Finland), AidLearn (Traini...


Validation Workshops of QualiTour Project

 “Quality Management for Sustainable Tourism” - QualiTour is a two-year project dedicated to improving the qualification of the people employed in the tourism industry. The project is aimed at developing a speciali...


Final conference of project “Quality Management for Sustainable Tourism” - QualiTour

 QualiTour is a two-year project dedicated to improving the qualification of the people employed in the tourism industry. The project is aimed at developing a specialized Blended-Learning Tool for education and training in the area of sustainable tourism in accordance with the principles of lifelong learning. The tool will develop and improve the skills and compet...


Second Project Meeting at Creativelab


After conducting initial surveys and deep interviews among SMEs and VET providers the InnoWork project partners held their 2nd Partner Meeting at the premises of VAMK - Vaasa University of Applied Sciences, Finland on 12-13 March, 2015.
During the 2nd PM the representatives of all project partners dis...


About the project “Towards a more innovative workplace”

Innovation has been placed at the heart of the Europe 2020 strategy. In the Europe 2020 Flagship Initiative, Innovation Union it is stated: ”At a time of public budget constraints, major demographic changes and increasing global competition, Europe's competitiveness, capacity to create millions of new jobs to replace those lost in the crisis and, overall, our future standard of living depends on our ability to drive innovation in products, services, business and social processes and models.”

The general aim of the project Towards a more innovative workplace, acronym InnoWork is to cr...

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